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“Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by nature”

George Harrison


Our Andalusian escapes provide you with a warm and welcoming space, a world away from your day to day roles and responsibilities, where we support you to disconnect, stretch out, rest, replenish and reconnect with the whole of you. We offer our own unique blend of yoga, acupuncture and qigong meditation that combine perfectly for deeper awareness, relaxation and release.


An Ayurvedic inspired natural skincare session is included at all our escapes for mindful body care opportunities, the glow factor and usually a bit of a giggle, and also a wild swimming trip to get fresh and bold in a little known local beauty spot. Treks and walks in the mountains, plenty of time for rest and sunbathing, three delicious, veggie, healthy and locally sourced meals, all combined with a theme of mindfulness throughout, provide the ingredients and method for a right tasty recipe for wellness.  Massage and other therapies are also available on site for some added feel-goodness.


The therapies and activities in combination enhance the benefits of each other and provide simple and effective ways for you to tune into your body, find some headspace, connect with the natural environment, air the overwhelmed parts of you and help you feel more alive, happy and relaxed. 

We welcome all levels of fitness and wellness and especially love it when beginners join us!

For an idea of our vibe see photos and testimonials from previous Taste of Space escapes.

"It really was the perfect retreat away. EXACTLY what I needed.

Thank you both so much, big love"


As well as all the soul feeding therapies and activities, you will benefit from the following at our escapes;

Experience & expertise: Sally and Anne-Marie are qualified and experienced in yoga therapy and acupuncture, as well as counselling and life coaching. We've both lived and breathed support work for over 30 years between us, building relationships with many different hard-to-reach client groups, and offering practical and emotional support, We’re no strangers to the world of high pressured jobs and have gone through some pretty tough personal challenges ourselves. We've found huge benefit from each other's support and skills during trickier times, as well as the good times, and enjoy exploring different feel-good techniques and ideas from around the world. We can empathise and support you to manage stress and stay steady. 

Flexible approach: We offer a personalised, tailored escape experience, everything on offer is optional and you can pick and choose as you please. If you’d rather sunbathe by the pool, chill in the olive groves with a good book, or climb a stunning mountain followed by a therapeutic treatment, that’s all good with us! Just like life, this is a choose your own adventure. If there’s something else you’d like to see or do, then we can help create your perfect day. We're happy to share what we've found works for us and for some of the people we've met along the way, and would love to learn about your own wellness tips and tricks. 

Individual time: If sharing in a group isn’t really your thing and a more personal approach is appreciated, there will be plenty of individual and private time. We offer everyone an optional 1 to 1 session at the beginning of the escape to chat about your well-being aims and we'll be on hand throughout if you need a listening ear or an idea soundboard. Rest assured there’s no pressure whatsoever to share with us or the group. To allow for a more personal experience and plenty of space, we keep the groups small between 6-12 max.

Beginners welcome: We specialise and actively encourage newcomers to the world of well-being to join us. You definitely don’t have to be an expert back-bender-hand-stander, wear what feels comfortable and you can dip in and out as you please. If you’ve never tried something before, or are a bit apprehensive about anything on offer, we'll do our best to alleviate any concerns and make sure it's a relaxing and pleasant experience for you.  


Authentic Spain: We're excited to share the local Spanish life and beautiful natural environment of Andalusia with you. There's plenty of opportunity for walks, activities and trips beyond the retreat space to experience the land beyond. Sally has been living in the local area for years and knows lots of nearby natural beauty spots, little known wild swimming locations, outdoorsy activities, traditional villages, festivals and local characters! 

Take-away selection: You will come away from our escapes with lots of ingredients for your very own recipe for less stress and more wellness. Techniques, personalised self care, ideas, tips, goodies, memories, connections, friends, healing, space and good vibes to support your health and well-being way beyond the retreat.


We hope you'll feel, welcomed, supported and rejuvenated, and wowed by the beautiful natural landscapes that Andalusia has to offer.

This is your space!

"You work so well together and your personalities really shine. You have loads of experience between you and your calm approach to leading was greatly welcomed. Definitely my kind of vibe"

Taste of Space | Worthing Community Acupuncture
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