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Cortijo Vadillo, Andalucia, Spain
7 - 12 Sept 2017
"It really was the perfect retreat away. EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you both so much, big love"
"It really was perfect for me, couldn't be improved"
"Anne-Marie has the most relaxing serene voice for meditation sessions, I could listen all day. Sally curated the perfect yoga session every time - challenging but never too much. AND you're both funny as f***"
"I appreciated all the attention to detail, and flexibility in the schedule"
"So good to get some time out to focus on me. I feel unwound and relaxed!"
"Getting a lot of time to relax by the pool was a highlight, I never get to do that at home"
"Getting away from it all, disconnecting and finding stillness - I feel calmer and less stressed / anxious"
"Beautiful setting, no complaints. Very cosy yurt, loved it"
"I learnt that yoga is not all about hard poses, to be kinder to myself and less strict"
"DELICIOUS food - all of it. Inspired to go veggie"
Cortijo Vadillo, Andalucia, Spain
May 2017
"Now I know what 'relaxed' feels like!"
"Every activity encouraged me to be self-reflective and intentional in my thinking about my past and my future. That thinking and feeling space was just what I needed."
"You guys were perfect. You were so open-minded and open-hearted, and everyone else followed suit as well. You fostered a really communal atmosphere. And the diversity of activities was much appreciated, along with the expectation that we could do or not do any of them we chose. The freedom to join in or take a time out made the whole weekend feel calm."
"I like that Sally and Anne-Marie are long-time friends, which adds an extra level of comfort.  They both showed genuine care and kindness throughout the 4 days and gave 1-2-1 time with each member of the group."
 "The skin food session was fun!"."
"I never expected everyone else to be so down to earth and genuine! I was pleasantly surprised that no one was a ‘yoga princess,’ no one was putting on makeup or even bothered about showering after every activity. Everyone was down for having some proper outdoors time, and that’s just what I like."
"It was my first acupuncture treatment! Loved it! Will definitely do that again."
"Best bits were being among like minded people and honestly laughing loads! Oh and the yoga and acupuncture of course! It was great to be able to practice each day in a beautiful environment."
"Stunning, natural environment. Was so special to wake up to mountains!"

"It gave me some proper time to breathe, even though when I arrived I didn’t feel that I was particularly stressed, I realised once I was in the landscape and with you ladies that I just felt really good being away from the stimulation of the world around me in my normal life and able to focus on simple things like walking and talking and nice stretches for my body."

"The most practical thing I got out of the whole weekend (which I’ve been doing every day since) is figuring out how to properly breathe during yoga and meditation."
"You work so well together and your personalities really shine. You have loads of experience between you and your calm approach was greatly welcomed. Definitely my kind of vibe."
"I came away with a desire to be a bit more gentle with myself.  I also saw how in the right environment lots of different people from lots of different backgrounds can all work really well together and that idea of letting down my guard a bit has also been something I’ve taken forward."
"For me the early morning yoga was fabulous but in particular the walk through the hills around the retreat centre was mind-blowing.  I adored all that rustic, unspoilt landscape."
Cortijo Vadillo, Andalucia, Spain
October 2016
"Excellent acupuncture session, wonderful yoga, completely inspired trust"
"Relaxed, quietening and animated weekend"
"5 star yoga and acupuncture sessions"
"Relaxing, fun and soothing. The skin food facial was amazing."
"Lush, luxury, relaxing"
"Lovely humour, relaxed approach, everyone seemed very content"
"Relaxing, sociable and informative"
"Sally has a manner which immediately relaxes. Quiet & flowing intro, good slow stretches and a few giggles, stopping people from feeling tense or serious"
"Enjoyment, peacefulness and wellbeing"
"Interesting use of the mind creating pathways as well as meridians in the acupuncture session"
"After the combined acupuncture yoga session, felt at ease and my knee swelling reduced slightly"
Taste of Space | Worthing Community Acupuncture
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