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“No-one is an island entire of itself; every one is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." 
John Donne

Simple, effective & affordable acupuncture for everyone.



Wednesdays 4pm - 7.30pm

Thursdays 9am - 12.30pm

St Andrew the Apostle Church Hall, Victoria Rd, Worthing

£25 - £50


Worthing Community Acupuncture is a friendly, inclusive and affordable acupuncture space where everyone is welcome. The community clinic has been running since 2018 at Salt Water Studios and has recently moved to a new location at the beautiful St Andrew the Apostle Church Hall where it runs every Wednesday and Thursday.

Personalised treatments are offered in a spacious and shared space sectioned with screens for privacy and up to 3 people are treated at any one time. The nature of acupuncture means once your needles are gently in place, someone else can be treated while you relax.


A communal format is the traditional way of offering acupuncture and allows it to be offered at a lower cost with no reduction to quality or effect. The space remains a peaceful sanctuary while the collective and respectful energy serves to enhance the healing experience. 


I feel passionately that effective, evidence-based and time-honoured medical options such as acupuncture should be available to all, and not accessed by a select few or as a last resort or occasional luxury. I hope the format enables many more people to experience the benefits of traditional acupuncture and am happy to be offering community acupuncture in my home town of Worthing. 


Now more than ever we need to create unity and restore balance not just for our own health, but for the health of our increasingly inequitable communities. I love the diversity and inclusiveness of community acupuncture where everyone is truly welcome. You can read about my experience and approach here.


A sliding payment scale allows you to decide to pay whatever you can afford between £25 - £50 each time you come in. You are always welcome to pay the lower end of the scale, no questions asked.

 If you can afford it, please consider supporting the project by paying towards the higher end of the scale which is the cost of a 1-to-1 treatment. It's a lovely way to contribute to the health of your local community and support those around you whilst you receive treatment. The lower end of the scale is always there for you too during less flush times and you never have to explain yourself.

I offer £20 treatments to staff and clients of the local charity Safe in Sussex and I hope to soon apply for funding to offer ongoing free treatment to anyone experiencing long-term chronic pain and mental health related conditions.


Although the hall is a communal space and you may hear other people it remains a place of calm and consideration for others. There are privacy screens, voices are low, relaxing music is playing, heaters are on if it's cold, blankets are provided, and you are welcome to a cup of tea at the hall if you'd like a moment of calm before venturing out again. I hope you will encounter a warm, friendly and welcoming space where you can repair, recharge and restore.

Please wear loose clothing - acupuncture points used are usually located on the lower arms and legs so you only need to roll sleeves and trouser legs up. If you're uncomfortable with any points selected there are always alternatives, you are in control of your body. I want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. More information about acupuncture and the conditions it can treat can be found here.


Whoever you are and whatever your situation; come and experience the benefits of acupuncture in a safe, comfortable and peaceful space.

 The community clinic runs every Thursday morning at St Andrew the Apostle Church Hall.

You can book online below or contact me on 07719 531085 or

St Andrew the Apostle Church Hall

Victoria Road. Worthing BN11 1XB

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“I have been seeing Anne-Marie for over a year and I kid you not, it's been life-changing! I have suffered with constant pain issues and I now feel more in control of my pain. Anne-Marie is amazing and has met my many challenges with skill, patience and humour... just incredible... go along and change your life for the better!"
"Acupuncture is the only thing that works for my peri-menopausal night sweats, sleep problems and huge anxiety. Calming, relaxing and Anne-Marie really listens."
“I have been going to the community clinic on and off for a while now. I can have regular treatment that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise, and that's what keeps me migraine-free and much less anxious”

The Worthing Community Acupuncture Project is a member of the Association of Community and Multibed Clinics ACMAC who promote the provision of affordable and accessible acupuncture in every town and city. Read more about the community acupuncture movement here in the UK at and in America

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