For the past couple of years I have been running a popular monthly DIY facial group at Survivors Network in Brighton who support women who have experienced sexual violence.

Due to lock down we've obviously not run the group but I have been asked to do videos that can be shared with survivors.

A massive step out of my comfort zone - I've never ever filmed myself or been filmed before! But I've done two now and I've posted the first one below as we can all do with a bit of facial TLC (waiting for the second to be uploaded) 😊


Below is a simple, step-by-step and adaptable routine you can do at home. You can bring in your own ingredients according to skin type, mood goals and whatever you’ve got left in your cupboards!

We’ll cleanse, scrub, steam, mask, spritz and massage, getting messy with oils, spices, teas, herbs, fruit, veg – whatever you’ve got on hand.

Ingredients to feed your skin, a recipe to feed your soul...

Increasing awareness of what we put in our bodies and a move towards natural and wholesome foods, extends into concern for what we put on our bodies. It’s pretty hard to feel healthy on a diet of junk food, and just as hard to look healthy using “junk” beauty products. Nature’s larder provides much of what we need to look and feel good in the form of health foods, oils, spices, herbs and plants. Creatively combining these ingredients gives us total control over exactly what we put on our skin, with no nasty chemicals, and it couldn’t be easier! If you can make a salad dressing or brew a cuppa, then the door to truly, totally, 100% natural skin food is wide open to you.

Have fun!! Lovely to do on your own for a bit of time out, or with your household, and kids love it btw!!

Ps. apologies in advance for my amateur filming, waffling and oh so pretty still!!!

I hope after this lock down we can see each other's faces again very soon :-)

Anne-Marie xxxxxx

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