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Blacktailed Jack Rabbit


Chinese New Year began on 22nd Jan but it's actually 4th Feb that the animal year begins - the start of Spring, full moon and beginning of the astrological year in the Chinese calendar.

2023 is the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit (sometimes called Yin Black Rabbit as the colours blue/black are associated with water) and is a year to step up, collaborate and LISTEN! Here is a link to CT Holman's Year of the rabbit forecast - he's very much committed to the tradition of Chinese astrology and his interpretations are fascinating. Below are a few insights from his forecast that have caught my eye and the rabbit holes of musings they've sent me down.


Each year is associated with either yin or yang, one of the five elements, and one of the 12 zodiac animals which together contribute to the energetics of the year and can help us align with its energetic qualities and flow. Last year was the Yang Water Tiger and signified coming out of hibernation and quickly adjusting back into action. This Yin Water Rabbit year we are awake, engaged with our purpose and ready to move ahead. Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, patience, peace and prosperity and 2023 predicted to be a year of hope and thankfully less dramatic than the last year of the Tiger.


Rabbits are associated with spring and the wood element and wood's expansive upwards and outwards energy. This year's water element feeds wood so a great year for nourishing the seedlings of new ideas, growing existing projects and awakening dormant passions. Wood energy relates to justice and ethics, so a most excellent year to get our protest on, stand up for equal rights and speak up for others whose voices (human and more-than-human) aren't listened to in a modern capitalist world that prioritises resource over relation. Like trees who communicate via underground mycelium networks, we live in partnership and connection with all living beings and the land we dwell on and in. Rabbits who thump the ground to warn their kin of danger and share the delights of a meadow, represent solidarity and working as team. We can take inspiration to deeply connect with others, share sources of nourishment and wisdom and caution of dangers. We are not in this world as separate selves, we become who we are in the company of others (fave mantra these days). Wood also represents nature and nature is magical. 2023 may well be a magical year!


When quiet they are slow, gentle, soft • When running they are quick, strong and agile • Not big on combat, rabbits are lovers not fighters • Brilliant balancers of action and rest • A cautious nature helps bring goals to fruition. A balance of rest and action means getting up, out and participating in the world, LISTENING, speaking up, sharing knowledge, but knowing when to retreat to the safety of our havens. A rabbit-like combo of caution and cooperation will help achieve goals this year. Speaking of listening... rabbits are all about the ears! As I recently heard, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth so listen more and talk less. A year to really listen.. to yourself, those around us, to nature's calls. To respond with wisdom and consideration, support each other and share collaboratively produced knowledge. I also think of rabbits as compassionate, affectionate and playful. They look out for each other, but can be fierce when they need to be. And very very fertile. 2023 is fertile ground! Whether babies or ideas or both, 2023 is a year to get at it like rabbits, especially with projects that support nature and wildlife. Relationships - passion! New relationships or rekindling love, this year is all about communication, team work, cooperation, playing and having each others backs. What acts of love can we do? How can we work together and see another perspective?

Living in community - "Community" these days feels like a concept that has been hijacked to describe a clique marked by self-ascribed superiority and separation. I feel passionately about practicing community and self care, but in ways that don't come at another's expense, exclusion or denigration. Rabbits remind us how to live in commune with kindness, curiosity, humility and respect.


The element of 2023 is water whose nature is to flow, accept changes and take the shape of its container. Water absorbs emotion so we need to take care to allow emotions to move through us. Especially taking care to not let fear hold us back. Water gives us life, endurance, adaptability, strength and movement, as well as a mystical wisdom so a good year to delve into all things mystic - feng shui, tarot, goddesses, magic, myths, legends, whatever floats your magic boat.


Yin is associated with darkness, coolness, female energy, stillness and depth. A good year to illuminate the shadowy corners of our psyche, relationships and surroundings. The yin of the year brings us earthly stability and nurturing energy while we navigate activity and interaction. Yin adds to the wise and spiritual qualities of the year, so dig deep! Listening deeply might bring great visions for wise decisions, transformation and thoughtful action.

A wonderful combo of yin, water and rabbits brings a welcome softness and wisdom allowing us to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease, grace and compassion.

Look out for each other and a very hoppy new year to you!!!

Love, peace and solidarity to everyone trying to make the world a fairer and kinder place

Anne-Marie x

Ps. Below are my beloved rabbit companions of the 80s - Snowdrop (he was MASSIVE, fearless, loved socialising in the house, chewing books and chocolate digestives, scared the dogs) and Smokey (the sweetest little bunny who loved making nests for phantom babies in the burrows that Snowdrop made for her)

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