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Updated: May 22, 2020


10 acupressure points for wellbeing
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In the absence of acupuncture treatments at the moment, above is a self acupressure booklet you can download for your very own DIY acupressure session at home.

I've put together 10 commonly used and easy to find points, including actions and locations of each one. You can choose a couple that resonate with you, or go through each one for a longer session.

You could also take it turns to give members of your household an acupressure session! All safe for everyone including kids, and all ok for pregnant ladies unless clearly stated otherwise.

Please feel free to contact me with any Qs.


There are also loads of great acupressure videos for various conditions on the People's Organisation of Community Acupuncture website :-)


Ease the pressure with acupressure!! :-)



In the space between the eyebrows, often known as the third eye area - lies an acupuncture point called Yin Tang ⭐

The point is a clinical fave - if you've had acupuncture you may well have had this needled - and can also be activated by acupressure or just by resting your attention here.

It is one of THE points for stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Said to calm the "Shen" - loosely translated as our consciousness - this point soothes the spirit and pacifies "monkey mind". Unsettled, agitated, mind spinning, can't switch off, unable to focus, can't sleep, that's monkey mind🐒

Yintang translates as "hall of impression" indicating its influence on the mind, and perhaps the inner vision and clarity that we might access via this point. Seen as a portal into the upper energy sphere - and therefore of utmost importance in qigong practice.

We also know it lies over the pineal gland which produces melatonin - the hormone that regulates our sleep patterns, the lullaby of acupoints.

Give yourself a yintang massage before bed, if you wake up and whenever you feel your anxiety levels rising.

Also helps with any sinus and nasal congestion, rhinitis and headaches. Press between the eyebrows and massage gently for 20 seconds or so and repeat whenever you need some calm.

📸 Snap of a page from A Manual of Acupuncture.

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