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2 workshops exploring yin and yang

9 & 10 November 2019

Salt Water Studios, Worthing

A weekend of 2 complementary workshops with acupuncturist Anne-Marie Fouche and Yoga teacher Louise Windsor focusing on supporting our Yin and Yang energies.


​Each workshop integrates a unique blend of yoga, acupuncture and qigong meditation, all thoughtfully selected to support the tone of the day and to enhance the beneficial effects of each other.



Saturday morning’s “yang” workshop aims to ease any feelings of depression, low energy and general flatness and leave you feeling energised, uplifted and focused for the activity of the weekend ahead.


Sunday’s "yin" afternoon will help you wind down at the end of the day, reduce any tension, anxiety and stress, prepare for restorative and peaceful sleep, and support you to feel replenished and ready to take on a new week.



The relaxed and friendly sessions offer you the chance to explore and experience the opposing yet complementary concepts of yin and yang and how we're able to apply this ancient philosophy to help us find peace and balance in our day to day lives.


Acupuncture is usually an incredibly pleasant experience and needles are placed very gently. Only 3-4 points are used and needles can be removed at any point if you experience any discomfort. It’s also totally fine to enjoy the meditations without the needles. 

Both yoga sessions are suitable for all abilities.

Everyone is welcome, whatever your background and experience. Places are limited to 10 people for each session, so book early!


10am - 12.30pm

YANG - energising & uplifting


Awakening (yang) acupuncture and qigong meditation to encourage circulation and smooth movement


Energising hatha flow yoga and breathing techniques for a fresh start to the day

Leave recharged and blissed out


2.30 - 5pm

YIN - restorative & calming

Calming yin yoga and breathing techniques to relax body and mind


Restorative (yin) acupuncture and qigong meditation to calm the mind for deeper relaxation and peaceful sleep


Leave calm and relaxed


£60 for both sessions or £35 for one.

Book your space below and we will email you with payment details. 



Whether you’re already feeling good and want to keep it that way, or you’re looking for a way to jump start your life of balance, book in some

space for YOU!

Taste of Space | Worthing Community Acupuncture
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