“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop”


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Simple, effective and affordable treatments to

relieve pain, release tension & restore balance


Salt Water Studios

Stoke Abbot Court, Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing BN11 1HE

Every Monday 1.15 - 5

& Wednesday 12.30 - 7

Offered on a sliding scale £20 - £40

Choose what you pay, no questions asked


Taste of Space Community Acupuncture, run by local acupuncturist Anne-Marie, is a friendly and relaxed wellbeing space where acupuncture is offered in a peaceful open plan environment sectioned into 3 private treatment areas. This allows for treatments to be overlapped and offered at a much lower cost. It's a traditional way of providing acupuncture and makes it more accessible to more people more often, with no reduction to quality and effect.


The sliding scale tool is often used in multibed and community acupuncture clinics, allowing you to decide how much to pay for your treatment with the aim of enabling more people in our communities to experience the benefits of acupuncture as often as they like. You pay whatever you want relevant to your circumstances between £20-40 each time you come in, totally up to you, no questions asked. 

 If finances are tricky (for you or someone you know) and don't reach the scale, I offer two free treatments p/w at the clinic.

Please do get in touch.

 If you can afford it, and can pay towards the higher end of the scale, it's a lovely way to contribute to the health of your local community and support those around you, always knowing the space is there for you too during less flush times.

Treatments are provided at Salt Water Studios in a beautiful spacious room full of plants and natural light and in the heart of Worthing. Acupuncture points used are usually located on the lower arms and legs, you only need to roll sleeves and trouser legs up, and you can relax in full comfort and privacy. 

Everyone is welcome, whatever your situation, background or path. Come and experience the benefits of acupuncture in a safe and comfortable space. 

You can book online below (pay on the day) or contact me on 07719 531085 or annemarie@tasteofspace.co.uk


Whether you want to address something specific or just want to improve things in general - sleep, energy, mood, relaxation, mobility - acupuncture has the potential to help pretty much everyone.


It can be particularly helpful for people with chronic conditions by reducing side effects of medication and relieving the intensity of symptoms so you can get on with your day a little bit easier.

Acupuncture can help with pain, tension and overall wellbeing on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.  



We start with a chat about your individual concerns and aims, followed by gentle placement of needles. Once in place, you can relax in a peaceful environment, maybe have a little acu-snooze and enjoy a calming and restorative interval in your day.


It's usually an incredibly pleasant experience and offers your body a cue that it has the time and space to do some uninterrupted repair work while you are still and relaxed.

As well as the benefits of acupuncture, taking time out and making space in our day is very necessary in our modern world to catch our breath, clear the mental clutter and reconnect with ourselves.



Acupuncture can be profoundly effective for a wide variety of health problems, and potentially very helpful for lots of people. When offered in a shared space and on a sliding scale, it can get us that little bit closer to a vision of accessible healthcare for all.

The graceful simplicity and effectiveness of acupuncture, and its ability to stimulate the body to heal itself, mean it's a safe, natural and welcome antidote to an expensive and often disempowering alternative. Multibed acupuncture can help reduce individual healthcare costs, help us reclaim control of our own health, whilst aiming to improve the wellbeing of our communities as a whole. Some even describe it as a healthcare revolution!


Read more about the multibed acupuncture movement here in the UK at www.acmac.net and in America www.workingclassacupuncture.org.


Taste of Space Multibed Acupuncture is a member of the Association of Community and Multibed Clinics ACMAC who promote the provision of affordable and accessible acupuncture in every town and city. I'm proud and excited to offer this provision in my home town of Worthing. 

Visit www.acmac.net for more info. 

Salt Water Studios

Stoke Abbot Court, Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing BN11 1HE

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