“If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the person”

Chinese proverb

Revitalising on the outside, balancing on the inside, oriental facial therapy aims to rejuvenate the skin whilst enhancing overall health, wellbeing and relaxation - all in one session!

Facial therapy has been traditionally used in Asian countries for thousands of years and passed on from generation to generation. The methods, techniques and instruments are based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and therefore have therapeutic value and benefits, as well as leading to refreshed and healthier looking skin.

Traditional techniques used include facial acupuncture, facial cupping, facial gua sha and jade roller to revitalise your skin naturally, and relax mind and body. 

Individually tailored sessions of varying lengths are available on Tuesdays in Worthing. Discounts are available for blocks of 5 sessions or more. 




A relatively new innovation in the UK – the Chinese have been using acupuncture for facial revitalisation for thousands of years during which practices were employed for the Empress and the Emperor's concubines. 

Facial acupuncture (also referred to as facial revitalisation, rejuvenation, cosmetic & natural facelift acupuncture) offers a non-surgical, chemical-free way to better skin by boosting circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients, encouraging detoxification and lymphatic drainage, and releasing tight muscles.  Extremely fine needles are inserted into the body and face to stimulate the healing response and skin cell renewal, resulting in a more radiant appearance and healthier looking skin.

My needle technique is very gentle and I use the finest Japanese needles and purely natural organic skincare products to minimise any discomfort and post treatment marking. Please be aware, occasionally slight bruising can occur due to the delicate nature of the facial skin, it may be worth considering this before an important occasion.


Typically, best results are obtained with a series of 10-12 treatments as the skin goes through its process of rejuvenation. Weekly or even twice-weekly treatments are usually recommended but this isn't always practical and it's perfectly fine to have a slightly longer gap between sessions. It's good for the first 4-5 treatments to be weekly at least, but we can easily adapt to suit your circumstances. After a course, some clients like to have monthly or bi-monthly top ups.



Cupping and gua sha are also ancient techniques originating in China, both are used for increasing circulation and releasing stagnation and tension in the body. Often used in combination with acupuncture both on the body and face.

Facial cupping uses small silicone cups, specially made for the face that provide a gentle suction to the skin and muscles to increase circulation of blood, lymph and nutrients. The gentle stretching of the tissue is believed to prompt faster cell renewal and detoxification. Used with high grade oil, these special facial cups allow for a smooth sliding motion across the face without irritating the skin or leaving any marks. 

Facial gua sha is a technique in which specially crafted hand held pieces of smooth jade are used to massage the face to release stagnation, muscle tension and tightness. The procedure uses consistent strokes along specific channels and acupuncture points on the face.

Jade rollers were the privileged accessories of the Chinese empresses in their quest for smooth, youthful facial appearance. It's believed that Jade’s cooling effect helps to ease tension and headaches, relieve stress and reduce puffiness on the face. The jade roller is gently rolled across the skin following muscle direction and people usually find it incredibly soothing,


Together, these techniques all invigorate and awaken the tissue, making everything circulate the way it is supposed to and bringing back a healthy glow to the skin.



The face is an incredibly hard working part of our body, constantly giving and receiving information, housing all of our senses, as well as displaying our thoughts and feelings.


When our minds are affected by stress, it clearly shows in our faces. Our facial muscles can  tighten, constricting blood vessels, limiting the flow of blood and nutrients; resulting not only in skin imbalances, congestion, premature aging and tired looking skin, but can also contribute to painful conditions such as headaches, sinusitis and jaw pain.

Taking some time to deeply relax your face, will not only help relax tense muscles, improve circulation and release stress; but can help smooth emotions and soothe the mind. With a calm mind, stress seems more manageable and when stress is resolved from the inside, it's soon reflected in the face on the outside.



I am trained in Virginia Doran's Facial Rejuvenation Massage and Acupuncture programme, which is highly regarded worldwide in terms of effectiveness and thoroughness of training. For many years I've organised her workshops in the UK and assisted with the teaching. 


I've completed training in oriental facial therapy including facial cupping, gua sha, jade roller and acupressure at the College of Oriental Therapy in London, and I studied Ayurvedic health and beauty in Kerala, India.

I've practised facial acupuncture and therapy for 10 years, and run regular natural face care sessions at several wellbeing retreats. I volunteer at the Survivors Network offering monthly mindful facial group sessions with women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. 

The mind-body connection couldn't be more clear than in our faces, and I deeply believe that by caring for our faces with natural kindness we send ourselves messages of self love that travel way beyond the surface of the skin to our tissues, to our very bones and to the subtle realms of the psyche.


All sessions begin with the following;

Discussion of general health, skin type and any conditions

Initial cleanse with organic oil and helichrysum water 


For your bespoke treatment, choose from the following; 



45 mins - £40

An express, gentle and relaxing treatment for the glow includes;


Facial gua sha, cupping, jade roller and acupressure




60 mins - £45

 Effectively address overall wellbeing and underlying imbalance. Session includes;


Facial gua sha, cupping, jade roller and acupressure

PLUS traditional acupuncture and relaxation time




90 mins - £75

The full facial acupuncture treatment for deeper and longer lasting effect includes; 


Gentle insertion of needles in ears, body, head and face according to your needs

Relaxation time while needles do their work 

Gentle removal of needles

All sessions finish with; 

Further cleanse with helichrysum hydrosol

Spritz of rose water or matcha green tea refresher

Application of handmade high quality facial oil blend and acupressure massage

All products and tools used are safe, natural, chemical free, cruelty free and sustainable, ensuring your facial causes no trouble to your skin, the planet or any of our fellow earthlings. Products are selected according to their benefit to the skin and overall therapeutic value.

**Please note: full facial acupuncture is not suitable for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, pituitary disorders, diabetics, people with an active cold, flu or herpes outbreak or people that have had an invasive type of facial procedure (e.g. botox, surgical facelifts etc) within the past 6 months. 

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