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“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause."
Mark Twain, 1923

S P A C E 

Both ancient wisdom and modern research consistently tell us that taking time out and creating space is good for us both physically and psychologically. Space gives meaning to and co creates literally everything in existence. The pause is as important as the musical note, the space between words give meaning to a sentence and plants thrive only with enough space above and below and between one another. Space gives power, gravitas and meaning to the reality it surrounds. 


For many of us the stress, anxiety and distractions of modern life are bigger than ever before. Our days have become a race against time, productivity is top priority, we over-exercise, we under-exercise, we play-distract hard, we rarely separate from our digital devices, we’re bombarded with advertising and competitive consumerism, we have less face to face contact with our nearest and dearest, there's little or no chance for rest and we end up overwhelmed, over stimulated and burnt out. The spaces between our breaths, between our flesh and bones, between thought and action, stimulus and reaction, the space we allow our bodies to take up, the physical environments we live in, are all becoming smaller for many of us and we can feel restricted, squashed and powerless.

Inserting meditative intervals in life, be they a retreat, a yoga class or a mindful cup of tea, allows us to recover and develop our fuller sensitivities and feelings of vitality and power. We're able to catch our breath, clear the mental clutter, gain perspective and make sense of our lives. The bodies we dwell in and the natural world around us, offer us two instantly accessible and free means to the inner and outer space of the present moment.


It doesn’t make all the bad stuff disappear but space provides distance, allows airtime for the good stuff and enables a complete picture to emerge. With this awareness we're ready to successfully guide and direct our lives.

A simple taste of space can reveal to us an infinite realm of peace, power and potential; we just need to press pause and let it emerge. 


We believe in power to the people, protection of the environment and respect for our fellow earthlings.


The idea that business can be run with a heart is central to ToS and we like to be as heartfelt and soulful as possible. Our psychological and physical health is inextricably linked to the collective health of our environment and society and we strive to act positively for the planet and all its inhabitants. 


We believe in exercising our power as consumers by knowing the source and the course of the products and services we buy and use and making informed choices. We deeply respect local culture and the natural environment, aiming to give back whenever and wherever we can by supporting local independent businesses and ecological projects .

We’re passionately committed to the development of a more equal society where everyone has a fair chance to reach their full potential, has access to the support to get through the bad times and the spirit to celebrate the good times. It's important to us that our spaces are inclusive, and everyone is welcome from all walks of life. We offer affordable options so that our escapes and therapies are accessible to more people.


In the near future we would like to secure the funding to allow us to collaborate with charities and offer free or low cost places and treatments to people recovering from trauma.  

We proudly volunteer with and donate to the Survivors Network who support survivors of sexual violence and abuse in Sussex; 

Taste of Space | Worthing Community Acupuncture
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